When starting meditation it's highly recommended to keep a journal, to track your progress, and also to share stories. Sharing stories reminds us we are not alone. Stories also have the power to move us and help us to learn something new.

Feel free to submit your stories to share - anonymously or not.

I find that I am now thinking of the mandalas on the DVD and bringing myself to stillness before reacting when parenting my children. I'd recommend it to other parents.
Posted By: Sherrit
This meditation has brought up some pretty bad stuff, but it has given me a chance to get rid of it, rather than have it simmering away, poisoning me. Change isn't always easy, but the meditation DVD was like a friend who holds your hand when the going gets tough. A huge thank you, Jennifer, for the love and compassion you put into this DVD.
Posted By: Nils Lantzke
I was watching the DVD while running on the treadmill one morning, and all of a sudden I got absolute clarity on the perfect colour scheme for my website.
Posted By: Fiona
I like to start the day watching the DVD, it just seems to set me up for day. I am calm and centred.
Posted By: Ineke
I have been watching the DVD with my children before they go to bed, and they really like it. It has a lovely calming effect on them and on me!
Posted By: Sally
I was upset and angry after an argument with my partner and sat down at the laptop to watch the Your Journey DVD with the headphones on. I just sat there and watched it, and the tears flowed. This time I didn't blame or judge. I forgave, and was able to get insights into him and me.
Posted By: Amanda

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