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Your Journey Meditation Book Cover

Stilling your mind has several benefits: clearer perception, the ability to hear and witness far more than before, relaxation, greater self knowledge, and space to build more harmony in your inner and outer life.

The state of stillness is the domain of the mind. Your mind is an amazing thinking organ. It is here that we form our beliefs, opinions, perceptions, perspectives, decisions, plans, learnings, as well as be able to meditate, reflect, contemplate and experience the epiphanies or awakenings. It is through practising meditation which helps bring your mind to stillness, that you can journey home. become proficient. All that is required is for you to bring your mind to stillness and maintain it. You can achieve it quickly, efficiently and effortlessly by watching the Your Journey Guided Meditation DVD. The DVD facilitates meditation through a sequence of specially crafted music, images and voice instruction. It goes for less than 20 minutes, not long! You can watch it on your computer whenever it suits you.