The Your Journey Guided Meditation Video and handbook are ready for purchase as an App!

Our promise has been for you to be able to access the benefits of meditation and relaxation anywhere and anytime.

In line with that, the Your Journey Guided Meditation Video is now available as an App for the cost of a cup of coffee!

You can relax and enjoy the power of our guided meditation not just at home, but really anywhere on your mobile phone or tablet.

The App includes the new 2nd edition of the handbook, Your Journey Home, which helps you get the best out of the guided meditation video. Meditation has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, increase well being and focus, and improve your ability to manage emotions. It also increases personal insight. The Your Journey Guided Meditation Video is a 15 minute audio/visual meditation which quickly and effectively facilitates relaxation and meditation.


Your Journey Guided Meditation DVD:

The idea came to long time meditator and producer Jennifer Sexton to create an audio/visual guided meditation after hearing of the difficulties many people experienced tapping into the benefits of meditation.

She worked for several years with a musician, graphic artist and editor to produce the video, working to create the right balance of images, music and instruction.

Jennifer travelled with her camcorder to several locations across Eastern Australia to film a sequence of nature shots for the guided meditation.

The finished product is a powerful meditation. Jennifer has used nature images and a beautiful sequence of spirals and mandalas with calming music and gentle instruction to facilitate relaxation and meditation within 15 minutes.

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Your Journey Home handbook:

After producing the DVD, Jennifer worked for another few years writing a handbook to accompany the video, sharing her insights and tips on meditation, and guidance on how to get the most out of the video.

The handbook includes a section for journaling, a valuable tool for reflection, keeping track of your decisions and progress, and for insights.

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