Tips for first time users of the Your Journey Guided Meditation Video

We recommend that you get a copy of the handbook which contains instructions and insights on using the guided meditation video, but here's a few tips to get you started:

Before you play the video for the first time, have a think about what you are looking for. What do you want? Where are you going with this? Buy yourself a journal or notepad to jot down your thoughts. The journal also serves as a place to write down your experiences of meditation, the changes you witness and to keep track of your progress.

Use headphones if you have the download on your phone, tablet or if you are using your computer. Headphones are not necessary if you are playing the DVD on the television.

Play the meditation as often as you can. Several times a day, or several times a week, the frequency depends on how quickly you want to see a change.

Play the video when you are stressed, upset, angry, and emotional.

We believe meditation should be applied actively in our daily lives. With practice you can bring your mind to stillness pretty much anywhere, except when driving a car or operating dangerous machinery. In addition to the physical benefits, stillness allows you to hear and witness more in a variety of circumstances. You can pick up subtle things that you haven't before and experience new insights on your self and others. Practice meditating with the video when you go about your daily life, e.g. in a busy cafe, on the bus or train, while the children are playing around you.