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Guided Meditation
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The Your Journey Guided Meditation Video and handbook are ready for purchase as an App!

Our promise has been for you to be able to access the benefits of meditation and relaxation anywhere and anytime.

View a sample of the Video

Available as a DVD.

Starting meditation can be tricky, but the Your Journey Guided Meditation Video makes it easy. Just load it onto your computer or DVD player and press play!

Long time meditator and producer, Jennifer Sexton has used her production skills and experience of meditation to create the guided meditation video. The result is a powerful meditation experience, and a tool to condition your mind to the state of meditation.

The accompanying handbook Your Journey Home tells you how to get the most out of the DVD.


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Your Journey Meditation is proud to be a partner of Lifeline ACT


Meditation Challenge

We will be running another Meditation Challenge. Watch this space for more details.

If you're new to meditation, it's a great way to get started and tap into the benefits of meditation. We are running the Challenge from our facebook page.

Meditation ChallengeFacebook



Do you get stressed?

Do you want to increase your wellbeing?

Do you want to sleep better at night?

Never has it been more important to meditate, and just 15 minutes a day can make all the difference! Research shows that stress related conditions, anxiety and depression are at unprecedented levels. Through meditation you can address stress and improve your wellbeing, and you can make the changes you need to lead a more balanced and contented life.

Here's what one person had to say about the DVD:

'I really love the DVD. The first time I watched it I felt its power and that has continued for me. In the past I have dabbled occasionally in listening to friends’ meditation CDs but none have really “touched me”. Your DVD however really allowed me to achieve that sense of stillness which my mind (and body) have so desperately been craving. I really knew that I felt connected to the DVD when I took it and watched it twice at 4am one morning when I couldn’t sleep. It had the absolute desired effect of helping me release all the thoughts that were keeping me awake and still my overactive mind. I very much like the fact that you have your eyes open during the meditation journey.'

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